Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) refers to the breathing support through the patient's upper airway using a mask or similar interface. This technique is distinguished from those which bypass the upper airway with a tracheal tube, laryngeal mask, or tracheostomy and are therefore considered invasive.

There are various benefits and positive outcomes to this therapy. Including:

  • Controlled CO2 levels

  • Documented success of reducing hospital readmissions

  • No sleep study required

  • Direct view reporting for physicians

  • Several equipment options available including light, versatile & easy to use

  • Significant battery life on all options

We designed a program centered around frequent follow-ups by our Licensed Registered Respiratory Therapists to ensure  patient comfort and adherence. We continually follow up to ensure patients are setup with the most comfortable mask, settings are still appropriate given patent condition, and continual adjustment of comfort setting to ensure patient comfort. We have found that when patients are comfortable, they use the device as prescribed, recover faster and avoid acute situations such as hospital readmissions. Learn More & Order