Our Mission

The mission of Fitzsimmons Surgical Supply, Inc. is to responsibly provide quality health care products and services to the medical community, which is comprised of physicians, hospitals, discharge planners, case management workers, caretakers of all types, and ultimately and most importantly, the patient.

We do realize that no matter where the order comes from, how we perform as an organization has a direct effect on the quality of life of the individuals we service. We believe that our first responsibility is to the patient and to the quality of care that is ultimately received. As an organization, and as individuals who belong to this organization, our primary function is to assist patients.

It is our commitment as a corporation and as individuals to serve the physically challenged, sick, and disabled community. Towards this end, we do commit to being involved in helping people. This commitment includes the art of communicating, listening and assisting wherever and whenever possible to meet our customers' needs.

We hereby pledge to handle our business dealings within the framework of honesty, fairness, and quality. We pledge:

  • To improve the quality of life for those individuals who are physically challenged;

  • To provide a wide and innovative choice of programs that adds to the medical community the best choices for patient care;

  • To maintain a positive attitude toward change in the health care industry;

  • To maintain a positive and progressive atmosphere in which staff members can move toward their fullest potential; and

  • To do all the above within the framework of a reasonable profit.  This is to allow proper wage levels for employees, to pay our suppliers in a timely manner, and to allow for a proper return to the corporation on its investment.